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01 September 2014

Over 100 new trainees at ebm-papst

A total of 106 young people are starting their training or their dual studies with fan specialist ebm-papst at the beginning of September. There are 62 trainees and dual-system students at the headquarters in Mulfingen, 20 in Landshut, 17 in St. Georgen and seven at Zeitlauf.

The new trainees and students are happy to be starting at ebm-papst in Mulfingen.
The new trainees and students are happy to be starting at ebm-papst in Mulfingen.

"We're very pleased to have these young people starting their careers with us. ebm-papst offers outstanding development opportunities for young professionals. Our aim is to train them so well that we can offer them permanent employment immediately after they complete their training," said Rainer Hundsdörfer, Chairman of the Board of Directors at ebm-papst. "We're also pleased that we've been able to increase the number of trainees again this year, to a total of 334. Supporting young people is very important to us. In doing so, we're laying the foundation for the future today."

Bernd Ludwig, responsible for vocational training and professional development at the headquarters in Mulfingen, said "We're especially happy that there are ten young women among the 43 new trainees in technically oriented professions and degree programmes here in Mulfingen this year. That's a great success for us." ebm-papst promotes the development of women in technical professions with several events: young women can gain insights into technical professions on Girls' Day or at the "Mädchen für Technik-Camp" (girls' technology camp) in Landshut or the "Mädchen und Technik" (girls and technology) day in Mulfingen. "We want to spark an interest in technical professions among young women and convince them that these careers don't offer prospects only for men," said Ludwig.

Ludwig advises interested young people not to be deterred by the high number of applicants. "We're more interested in the applicants' motivation than in their average marks. What matters to us are social skills, enthusiasm and, in technical fields in particular, practical skills." For young people who are still uncertain about which profession is right for them, ebm-papst offers appointments for individual consultations in Mulfingen. These are planned, organised and carried out by a trainee project group. People interested in vocational training can learn more by speaking with a trainee who is already receiving training for his profession of choice. Topics include tasks and content of training programmes as well as information about vocational schools or courses of study. The consultation appointments also include a company tour where various work areas are presented.

Registration for consultations is possible at:
or WhatsApp: 0171 1818536

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