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28 November 2013

Minimum energy use with maximum flow rate

The compact design of IT/telecommunications and automation equipment, frequency converters, welding machines and solar inverters calls for special fans to convey waste heat away from their densely packed components.

New high-performance fan 6300 N for demanding applications (photo: ebm-papst)
New high-performance fan 6300 N for demanding applications (photo: ebm-papst)

The experts at ebm-papst in St. Georgen in the Black Forest have developed a new generation of high-performance fans, the S-Panther, especially for such critical applications. To increase the efficiency with respect to the previous model, the aerodynamics were improved with a refined winglet design and a new strut design. The optimised air conduction permits a lower speed for the same air performance, i.e. at high performance the sound power of the new 172 mm fans is up to 9 dB(A) lower than that of earlier models at the same operating point.

Mechanically, the use of new plastics and connection technology has resulted in a simpler design, including a housing with mechanically simplified vibration properties. Drive is provided by 3-phase multipole motors with 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-pole magnetised rotor units. Together with the 9-slot stator packs, they provide for efficient conversion of electrical to mechanical energy. The design is based on environmentally friendly production, also taking future disposal into account. The fan family includes versions in 80×80 mm with up to 172 mm diameter and covers all speed variants. Depending on application, low- and high-speed versions are also available.

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