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28 November 2013

Inexpensive fan in the 40×40 mm class

Small fan with high efficiency and air performance. Compact fans are in demand in many fields. As with the larger models, here too high air performance, low power consumption and smooth operation are important.

420 J fan with high efficiency and air performance (photo: ebm-papst)
420 J fan with high efficiency and air performance (photo: ebm-papst)

With the development of the 420 J fan (40×40×28 mm), ebm-papst St. Georgen sets new standards in this class. With power consumption around 70% lower than that of the earlier model, depending on the operating point it features a sound power level 2 to 5 dB(A) lower (42 to 54 dB(A) depending on model). It is well suited for demanding applications such as IT servers, networks and routers and also for compact frequency converters and 1U fan trays. With a maximum air performance of 38 m³/h and a working pressure of up to 175 Pa, it reaches a high power density with compact dimensions. It is currently supplied in a 12 V design and various speed ranges; a 24 V design and special versions for more stringent environmental requirements are to follow. As a durable product, it is also available in a rugged green version with a polyurethane moulded circuit board and cathode dip painted stator pack for protection against harsh environmental conditions.

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