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21 November 2013

Rugged fans and modular drives for the most demanding requirements

In the medical sector, advances in electronics have led to significant improvements in diagnosis and methods of treatment, but even the best electronics need fans to dissipate heat and actuators to carry out their commands.

Wide range of products for medical applications
Wide range of products for medical applications

To meet the special needs of medical technology, drive and fan specialist ebm-papst has developed a wide range of fans, motors, gearboxes and accessory components that fulfill most of the requirements of modern medical technology.

Reliability is doubtless one of the most important characteristics required of components in medical equipment. Since such equipment also has to be operated worldwide with different supply voltages, the fans from St. Georgen include a wide-range voltage input to power their electronics. They have also been designed for minimum operating noise at maximum capacity. With their electronic commutation and external rotor motor design, they ensure top efficiency while permitting adaptation of the air flow to match the application. This can result in significant increases in operating time, especially for mobile devices. All axial, centrifugal and diagonal fans are designed for years of reliable, low-maintenance operation.

Medical equipment has a wide range of applications which impose a variety of requirements on the drive engineering. With the benefit of their many years of experience, the specialists at ebm-papst opted for a modular design that favours customised assembly. This holistic approach includes not only motors, sensors, gearboxes and brakes but also the controller and, where required, the complete assembly of all mechanical components. Market-oriented service, provided by expert market managers who know the peculiarities of medical engineering, fulfils the sector's wide range of requirements.

All units, whether drives or fans, are subjected to a comprehensive final inspection by the manufacturer. From an environmental point of view, the medical components also score well: In accordance with the company's GreenTech philosophy, they are produced with as little energy and material as possible and are of course soldered without lead. In operation, the drives' high efficiency is complemented by their low energy consumption and thrifty use of resources.

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