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12 March 2013

Centrifugal fans in cube design - Squaring the circle for AHU

The centrifugal fan series established on the market by ebm-papst is growing again: RadiPac - providing medium-pressure centrifugal fans. This is a standalone series supplementing the existing low-pressure RadiCal series.

Fig. 1: The new RadiPac centrifugal fans are efficient in terms of the space they take up and the power they consume.
Fig. 1: The new RadiPac centrifugal fans are efficient in terms of the space they take up and the power they consume.

The RadiPac model with a stackable cube design is a new addition. This provides the user unique advantages during assembly while ensuring safety during transport and less packaging waste. In addition, flexible installation with a horizontal or vertical motor shaft is possible. The design makes it possible to decouple the fan from the environment using rubber vibration dampers, ensuring operation with even less noise.

The aluminium impellers with seven backward curved blades are fully robot-welded, letting them run flawlessly for the long term even at continuous high circumferential speeds. The blade geometry with a slanted trailing edge has a positive effect on aerodynamic performance and running smoothness for the fans. The position of the impellers on GreenTech EC motors with external-rotor motor principle has been optimised in terms of aerodynamic and installation-related requirements. The inlet nozzle is sendzimir galvanised and has a pressure tap for determining the differential pressure, which can be used to calculate the flow rate being supplied.

Air performance levels up to 25,000 m³/h are attained using a drive output of 500 watts to 12 kilowatts and sizes of 250 to 1,250. The mechanical structure in the cube design is implemented for sizes over 400. The motors in use operate without "rare earth" magnets considered problematic in procurement. All of the fans in this series can be controlled using MODBUS and 0 to 10 V by default. They are also easy to install thanks to a clear and easily accessible connection area. Furthermore, no additional programming effort is necessary during commissioning - in short: "plug-and-play".

The new RadiPac fans significantly surpass the minimum efficiency requirements of the Eco-design Directive for fans that comes into effect in 2015. The motor efficiency levels for GreenTech EC motors are significantly above efficiency class IE4.

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