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12 March 2013

EC blower for fan coils - All good things come in threes

Too hot. Too cold. But above all too loud. It is rare that a climate control system manages to please everybody. The usual cause is conventional AC fans in blower convectors or so-called fan coils.

Figure 1: The line of GreenTech EC fans for use in fan coils is now also available as a "triplet" model.
Figure 1: The line of GreenTech EC fans for use in fan coils is now also available as a "triplet" model.

These are a part of a decentralised air conditioning system and have the task of cooling or heating the air in an air recirculation system. That means that they are often operated with a longer operating time. Fans that use conventional AC technology are much louder, especially when they are running in the partial load range. And they are much less efficient. And yet the problem is easily eliminated by employing EC technology. Besides a quiet-as-a-whisper feel-good climate, the other positive side-effect is the reduced impact on both the environment and the user's purse.

ebm-papst has developed quiet and energy-efficient fans in various models specially for use in fan coil applications. Because the EC motors integrated into the fans also work with great efficiency, they consume up to 70% less energy than conventional AC motors, especially in partial-load operation. Moreover, EC motors boast an efficiency of up to 90 percent, which delivers other measurable benefits.

The family of single and twin blowers in GreenTech EC technology, which is already established on the market, is now being extended by the "triplet". This unit is more than a metre wide and consists of three individual blowers driven by a single motor. All three individual blowers have forward curved blades and dual inlets. This enables the triplet to achieve an air performance of up to 2,900 m³/h in the power range from 33 to 245 watts. The triplet has been specially designed for air conditioning convectors of a wide design, and has the advantage that only a single unit has to be installed, not a combination of single and twin blowers. All versions - single, twin and triplet - are designed specially for low-noise operation and are highly compact.

Even on existing systems, the simple plug & play solution means that the fans already installed can be easily replaced. In terms of efficiency, the blowers already far surpass the minimum legal requirements for electrically powered fans, thanks to their EC technology. The eco-design directive 327/2011 EU, which has been effective since January 2013, stipulates the minimum efficiency level for new fans on the market driven by motors with an electric input power of more than 125 watts.

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