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18 March 2011 New blower boosts efficiency in gas condensing technology

Modern gas condensing technology allows the fuel input, principally gas, to be used extremely efficiently. Despite this, it is important in all forms of combustion for the amount of fuel and the amount of air to be precisely configured and to be compatible with the required boiler output. This means that burners and ancillary components are needed that also require the "noble energy", electricity.

17 March 2011 Fittings, blowers and control systems for eco-friendly gas heating systems

As an investment for the future, an eco-friendly gas heating system has an ideal cost/benefit relationship. However, to achieve the best results, the individual components of a modern heating system must be optimally configured to each other. Here, ebm-papst, acting as a supplier for modern heating systems, has long offered state-of-the-art blower technology for the construction of the burner.

16 March 2011 Exploiting the energy-saving potential and integrating "added value" into the motor: Proven EC fan drive is upgraded

Shaded-pole motors are inexpensive to build, but because of their relatively low efficiency, they are mainly used in a just few niche applications. Modern fan concepts are thus based on the far more efficient electronically commutated EC motors, which offer savings of around 70% compared to the old motor concept. The motors and fans specialist ebm-papst is now expanding its proven concept of energy-saving iQ motors.

15 March 2011 High efficiency, low operating noise and long service life - EC motor for demanding tasks

High energy prices make good efficiency an important characteristic of modern motors. The motor and fan specialist ebm-papst addresses this fact with its new EC motor BG 43.