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03 November 2011

Saving while you sleep: GreenTech EC fans for fan coils - quiet and efficient

Almost everyone has experienced it once. The air conditioning in your hotel room is too loud, not properly adjustable and it takes forever to reach a comfortable climate.

Some of the products from the series: energy saving GreenTech EC fans for use in fan coils
Some of the products from the series: energy saving GreenTech EC fans for use in fan coils

Many climate control systems are too old, too loud and do not work efficiently. Though hotel owners and operators often prefer to invest in visible things like furniture, quiet and well-functioning climate control systems are essential for a pleasant hotel stay. At the same time, comfort and efficiency can be increased quite easily by using innovative components.

Fan coil units or fan convectors are parts of a centralised air-conditioning unit with the task of warming or cooling air in circulation and therefore are often operated for long duty cycles. Therefore, it makes financial sense to invest in energy-efficient components in their design. Fan coils belong to the group of air-to-water air conditioning units, so their principle function is easy to understand: Depending on the requirements, heated or cold water flows through the built-in heat exchanger. Using the fan, air is guided past the heat exchanger, which provides heating or cooling of the room air.

ebm-papst developed energy saving and quiet fans in various models for the fan coil application area. These fans in GreenTech EC technology deliver air volumes up to 2,200 m³/h in the power range between 40 and 250 watts. All of the models are designed specially for low-noise operation and are highly compact. Because the GreenTech EC motors integrated into the fans also work with great efficiency, they consume up to 70% less energy than conventional AC drives.However, these potential energy savings are realised not only when operated under full load, but also primarily when operated under a partial load, i.e. when the speed is controlled on-demand to correspond to the current temperature requirement. GreenTech EC motors then lose far less efficiency than asynchronous motors with the same output.

Even for existing installations, fans that are already installed can easily be exchanged with new energy saving GreenTech EC fans due to the simple plug and play solution. So state-of-the-art technology proves once more to be simply the better choice – in terms of energy savings as well as for comfort.

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