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15 March 2011

High efficiency, low operating noise and long service life - EC motor for demanding tasks

High energy prices make good efficiency an important characteristic of modern motors. The motor and fan specialist ebm-papst addresses this fact with its new EC motor BG 43.

Powerful drive family with long life expectancy, the new BG 43 drives
Powerful drive family with long life expectancy, the new BG 43 drives

Developed for everyday use, the robust drive scores with an efficiency of more than 80%. The motor is suitable for practically all fields of conventional and sophisticated technology, from radial-flow fans for cold/hot air door curtains and air-conditioning systems to pump drives in medical technology to industrial systems engineering, if required also in conjunction with a gearbox. There are even solutions for installation when there is a lack of space.

The three core motor is available in three sizes, with 75, 150 and 300 W output and in protection rating IP20 (IP54 available on request). Both clockwise and anticlockwise rotation versions are available. Precision ball bearings reduce operating noise and allow very long, maintenance-free operating times. Depending on the local situation, the high-performance commutation and control electronics can also be installed offset from the actual motor housing, a not inconsiderable advantage, for example in air shafts or compact systems engineering. The 8-pin rotor with neodymium solenoids, in conjunction with sensorless sine commutation, allows very good speed control.

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