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15 October 2010

Efficient, quiet and controllable: RadiCal features outstanding performance in air/water heat pumps

Protecting the climate and securing our energy supply requires using innovative technologies as comprehensively as possible. At the same time, the heat supplies of new buildings today demand concepts that use renewable energies instead of fossil fuels: With air/water heat pumps, for example, the existing heat in the external air can be used for heating air and water.

RadiCal features outstanding quietness, efficiency and controllability
RadiCal features outstanding quietness, efficiency and controllability

State-of-the-art EC fans substantially contribute to this, enabling today's plants to operate very efficiently and thus cost-effectively.

For use in air/water heat pumps, ebm-papst offers energy-efficient centrifugal and axial fans with GreenTech EC technology, with which air flows of up to 30,000 m³/h can be realised. To complement the tried and true HyBlade® axial fans, the new RadiCal centrifugal fans now feature outstanding noise reduction of up to 3 dB(A). To achieve this, the geometry of the impellers was indeed changed radically, thanks to the latest insights in aerodynamics. The innovative styling of the entire flow channel provides a continuous flow of air through the impeller, which increases the aerodynamic efficiency of the fan significantly. In addition, the interaction between the inlet nozzle and impeller inlet was improved significantly. This is particularly important during night-time, when the limit values of DIN 18005 and the German Technical Instructions on Noise Abatement ("TA Lärm") must be complied with for heat pumps that are installed outdoors. Along with this, the easy controllability of the GreenTech EC fans also presents advantages, since the speed can be adapted to the required air volume without any trouble. This way the fan speed can be reduced even more at night, which brings with it additional energy savings and noise reduction.

Even today, the RadiCal fans exceed by far the legal ErP Directives regarding efficiency which are soon to come into force. Compared to conventional AC fans, they consume up to 50% less energy. Moreover, the fans are highly compact and can be integrated well in tight spaces.

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