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08 October 2010

Innovative fan solutions from ebm-papst at the Electronica - High power density with low space requirements

State-of-the-art facilities in mechanical engineering, telecommunications and control cabinet technology are becoming increasingly powerful. Simultaneously, the size of components is shrinking, which adds to the power and waste heat density. ebm papst, leading manufacturer in the field of motors and fans, is presenting innovative fan solutions for cooling electronic components at the Electronica trade show in Munich (Hall A2, Stand 261).

The new axial compact fan of the 2200 FTD series for efficient heat dissipation even with highly compact devices.
The new axial compact fan of the 2200 FTD series for efficient heat dissipation even with highly compact devices.
The new ACi 4400 requires up to 77% less energy.
The new ACi 4400 requires up to 77% less energy.

The new S-Force centrifugal compact fans represent the peak performance of the currently available centrifugal fans in this class. With blower capacity at over 1,500 m³/h and a pressure build-up of up to 1,000 Pa, the highest heat flows are manageable. Due to the use of multi-pole electronically commutated motors, the types of this series are very efficient and can be individually adapted for any specific application, thanks to intelligent motor features. Some models of this series use the new, highly efficient RadiCal impellers.

To keep up with the new demands for efficient heat dissipation, even for highly compact devices, the new 2200 FTD axial fan series was developed within the S-Force series. The types of the new series offer maximum air flow with the lowest space requirements, which enables a higher cooling density of up to 65% to be achieved. At the same time, the energy consumption has been reduced. Users in the field of IT/telecommunications and control cabinet cooling can benefit from this.

Especially for frequency inverter cooling, efficient fans are being offered – from the reliable standard model to solutions produced according to customer specifications – which are energy-efficient, controllable, reliable and durable. The fans are designed specifically for the respective applications and their requirements. This is true for solar technology with its large fluctuations of temperature and humidity, for drive engineering with critical ambient conditions such as dust and oil, or for rail technology, where stringent demands are placed on environmental resistance as well as vibration and shock resistance.

The new ACi 4400 series sets standards for fans that can be used universally. By using GreenTech EC Technology with these new types, we succeeded in developing products that feature significantly improved efficiency, compact design, less noise and a longer service life compared to existing AC fans. Thus for the first time, the electronics have been completely integrated into the motor, resulting in the new energy savers being just as flat as the conventional 119 mm AC fans. This means it is totally hassle-free to make a 1:1 replacement. In addition to improved power and lower energy consumption of up to 77% compared to classic standard AC fans, use of new materials also enabled the weight to be reduced by 55%. The lower logistics costs thanks to the wide-range power supply round out the picture and make it much more economical for systems manufacturers and end customers to use these new fans. Literally and metaphorically, they are a fresh breeze in refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.

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