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19 March 2010

Blowers with a digital interface

In order to maintain controlled burning of the fuel supplied to gas and oil burners, the correct amount of oxygen must be added. To accomplish this, burner controls assume control of the blower for the active oxygen supply.

Burner control from Argus Vision
Burner control from Argus Vision
Blower from ebm-papst Landshut
Blower from ebm-papst Landshut

In conventional solutions, the speed of the blower is controlled by a PWM signal. Together with Argus Vision, ebm-papst Landshut has developed a digital communication interface which the company now offers for all of its current-controlled and mass flow-controlled blowers (Figure 1).

With this interface, the burner control now transmits the speed digitally and directly to the blower. The blower can then use this speed setting to assume the speed control itself and thereby react to changes in the ambient parameters faster and simultaneously deliver increased precision for the speed. In addition, the digital interface in these burner controls eases mass flow-control of the blower. Maintenance and repair work are also simplified, since the blower's operating data, such as speed, motor current, operating time or ambient temperature, can now be transmitted via the interface. On the one hand, these parameters allow potential problems to be discovered in advance and corresponding warnings issued in the control display. On the other hand, this information significantly eases troubleshooting when a repair is needed, which also results in reduced downtime.

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