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02 December 2009

ebm-papst donates to Children's Hospital "St. Marien"

ebm-papst Landshut donates 3,000 EUR to the club "Freunde und Förderer des Kinderkrankenhauses St. Marien in Landshut e.V." (Friends and Sponsors of Children's Hospital "St. Marien" in Landshut). With this donation, the motor and fan manufacturer is supporting the purchase of a vibration plate, which is one-of-a-kind in Lower Bavaria for treating children with rheumatism.

Armin Ziegler (left) and Stefan Brandl (right)
Armin Ziegler (left) and Stefan Brandl (right)

"Social responsibility for the Landshut region is an important component of the values that guide our corporate management - and that is the reason why we are donating again this year to Children's Hospital "St. Marien"," said Managing Director Stefan Brandl, explaining the decision to support the club again this year. When talking with Armin Ziegler, the chairman of the club, Brandl was fascinated by the club's previous achievements, saying: "I am very impressed by the club's commitment and glad that we can make a contribution with our donation."

"I think it is good that even in difficult economic times, companies like ebm-papst Landshut still get involved," commented Ziegler, who was able to receive the donation from Brandl.

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