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28 October 2009

New twin centrifugal blower K3G097 "Power" – High-power, compact and long-living

For many years, ebm-papst BL-DC axial fans and BL-DC twin centrifugal blowers have been successfully in use as pioneering designs in the air-conditioning of commercial vehicles.

New twin centrifugal blower K3G097 "Power" from ebm-papst
New twin centrifugal blower K3G097 "Power" from ebm-papst

As such, they not only meet the rising demands for more comfort, e.g. in busses and other commercial vehicles, they also operate without wear-and-tear over a very long period due to their brushless design. Without maintenance and without additional servicing. This success spurs us on to have our blowers achieve even better maximum performance.

Customers want blowers to be more and more powerful without losing any of their mechanical compatibility. At the same time, a customer would also like to use blowers with various or different power ratings in his plants in a modular way. Knowing this, ebm-papst set about developing the new high power twin centrifugal blower K3G097 "Power" based on high energy-efficiency, which upgrade the existing blower range in higher performance and efficiency. A new electronic design combined with modified and optimally matched air inlet nozzles makes the electric output of these automotive blowers improve by almost two thirds while the installation space required remains the same.

The capacity of this new product far surpasses the market standard and allows customers to realise hitherto undreamt off possibilities, e.g. in air-conditioning, heating and ventilation. With extremely compact installation space and even at high back-pressure, the power packs can handle amazingly high amounts of air. In new systems, and without negatively affecting the air performance of the air-conditioning, this high-power blower offers our customers a chance to reduce the number of blowers and thus not only save on weight and fuel but really save their money. On top of this, there is a considerable increase in comfort, e.g. in frontbox applications (defrosters), where higher air performance clears large front windscreens of commercial vehicles a lot faster from ice and condensation.

As a matter of course, however, there is no compromise in terms of durability and reliability with this new blower. In typical air-conditioning applications, this blower has a service life of more than 40,000 operating hours. This way, it fully complies with requirements for longer and longer maintenance intervals with commercial vehicles. Customers may safely rely on proven and top ebm-papst quality. Long years of experience and expertise as well as using state-of-the-art and highly integrated power electronics make sure of this. As with all other ebm-papst blowers, this high-power blower is simple to operate and handle, is maintenance-free and comes with all the functions that the market defines as relevant. The blower is continuously and precisely speed-adjustable, has reverse polarity protection, and comes with a diagnosis output. To comply with EMC specifications for the automotive industry, the blower has a high level of radio interference suppression. The integrated load-dump protection makes sure the blower is unharmed by voltage peaks in the vehicle power system. Together with its wide operation temperature range as well as its excellent shock and vibration strength, this new blower based on brushless ebm-papst technology is set to make you conquer new fields of applications.

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