IT hardware

Reliable IT performance

ebm-papst centrifugal and compact fans in EC technology for IT hardware

For IT hardware, which includes network technology, router, data storage technology, servers/mainframes and much more, ebm-papst offers a matching line of centrifugal and compact fans in GreenTech EC technology that has been specifically designed for this area.

These fans from ebm-papst have all of the critical properties that are so important in the IT area. The compact fans are extremely quiet, even at a high air performance. They can be intelligently controlled and thus adapted individually to specific customer requirements. Furthermore, the brushless technology promises a long service life with maintenance-free operation.

Applications for EC fans in the data centre

Stay cool

Computing generates heat. But computers prefer to stay cool. A climatic solution for the new Computer Centre of the Deutscher Wetterdienst (German weather service) in Offenbach.

Applications for EC fans in the data centre

Making use of optimisation potential for cooling

The catchword “Green IT” is on everyone’s lips now – energy-conscious behaviour is indispensable these days precisely in conjunction with the indispensable cooling in data centres. Particularly in light of ever-increasing computing power, it pays off to switch to energy-efficient fans. State-of-the-art EC technology can contribute a lot to this, for example, by sparing the environment and the operator’s wallet.

A great deal with quantity

A great deal with quantity

Air-conditioner manufacturer Menerga is revolutionising large ventilation systems for data centres with GreenTech EC technology: combined fans increase output and operating reliability.

ebm-papst°TV: Green IT – Efficient cooling of processing centres with CyberCool 2 by Stulz

Fans as an ecological trendsetter - that is one way of describing the role that GreenTech EC fans play in the cooling of processing centres. The buzzword is Green IT!