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Retrofitting fans.

Retrofitting fans

Fan retrofits boost efficiency.

The market’s interest in energy-efficient fan solutions is steadily increasing. ebm-papst supports interested companies in implementing retrofit projects and assists them with its ventilation system expertise.

ebm-papst has joined in!

The “Fan retrofits boost efficiency” campaign is the result of collaboration with Fachverband Gebäude-Klima (FGK), the professional association for refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation technology. Today, the ventilation technology in many buildings still relies on antiquated, inefficient fans. The campaign’s success stories provide proof that retrofitting with modern, energy-efficient models can generate up to 50% savings of energy and carbon emissions. These examples also document that the amortization period for fan replacement is often under two years.

FGK initiated the campaign with the goal of optimizing energy efficiency in air conditioning and ventilation systems. After all, Germany alone has the enormous potential to save 12.9 million tons of carbon.

The “Fan retrofits boost efficiency” campaign intends to inform operators of non-residential buildings about the high potential for savings, short amortization periods and appealing public subsidy programs. And raise public awareness of the key role that fans play in energy efficiency, interior air quality and comfort in buildings.
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A campaign of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, “Germany boosts efficiency” was one of the most effective public awareness campaigns in recent history. The focus is on the energy transition and using energy more efficiently in many areas: everyday life, at home, at work and in municipalities.
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Fan retrofits made easy with the energy-efficient fan solutions from ebm-papst.

In the refrigeration, air conditioning, and building technology sector, uncontrolled asynchronous motors are still frequently used to drive fans. But they have a serious disadvantage: comparatively low efficiency. This has an affect on energy consumption in practically all applications. It’s possible to boost energy savings: ebm-papst is able to use highly efficient EC technology with the same mechanical systems to replace typically inefficient fans with AC motors. The conversion from AC to EC fans not only pays for the environment and the user’s overall budget, but boosts convenience at the same time.

Simple and safe fan retrofitting – with a plug & play approach.

EC motors are extremely efficient, unbeatably compact and feature very smooth operation. When it comes to efficiency, they are always superior to widely used asynchronous motors. The energy-optimized motor’s efficiency is much higher than the value that we are familiar with from the IE4 efficiency class. And it is considerably quieter than conventional belt-driven AC fans.

Our EC motor is equipped with control electronics that enable it to precisely adjust the air volume to the requirements. It also has advantages when it comes to EMC problems – and the unit only needs to be wired at one transmission point. EC motors have established themselves as drives for fans in many applications. The term “EC motor” is often used for different concepts, but one aspect is always the same: the GreenTech EC motor from ebm-papst is designed without the rare-earth magnets that can cause procurement problems.

Learn about our success stories for yourself.

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