Electronics cooling

Power without losses - Blower and cooling systems for electronics cooling

Blower and cooling systems for electronics cooling

Does the electronics cooling system need to know where a rail car is heading? Not really. What is far more interesting is how efficiently the highly stressed rail car electronics are cooled in the widest variety of conditions.

The power electronics used in transport technology require effective cooling. Any dissipated energy created by electric power generation, transmission, or distribution must be removed quickly and efficiently.

Specific blowers and fans from ebm-papst are used in these applications, which demand low-noise performance and a long service life, electromagnetic compatibility and high-pressure constancy. Energy and space-saving ventilation systems with compact, conveniently controlled drives are used in the widest variety of sizes and configurations.

Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of fan and blower solutions for electronics cooling, have been in use for years on all routes in many applications. ebm-papst makes an important contribution to helping passengers arrive at their destination comfortably, well rested and on time.