Automation systems

Industry is hard to imagine without it: automation. Whether it be in mechanical or systems engineering, agriculture or forestry, power generation or in private operations – multifaceted solutions are employed based on electrical drive systems.


Ever more complex, ever more dynamic. The transport, handling and sorting of goods in factories, in terminal buildings, in shipping and distribution centres and between major warehouses are becoming ever more intricate as workflow processes become more elaborate. Rationally and reliably managing transport processes means exploiting substantial savings potential.

Medical technology

Health a commodity that affects every single one of us personally. But that's not all: it also plays an important role in social development. Continual progress in modern medical technology is an essential influencing factor. And this involve a wide variety of drive solutions that promote this progress.

Laboratory technology

Sounds simple, but in reality it isn't. For stirring, mixing, circulating, shaking and centrifuging different materials are extremely delicate processes. Here, a wide range of different laboratory and analysis equipment is used, much of it driven by electric motors.

Pump applications

Pumps are characterised by an extremely wide range of applications. Equally varied is the range of design principles for the pumps themselves. However, they all have one thing in common: they need a drive motor that is reliable and powerful, with compact dimensions.

Textile industry

The processing of textiles, their look and their wearing comfort are determined by a whole series of process steps. Special machines and systems with electrical drive units are needed throughout this process, from the production of the thread to the finish of the texture. The basic precondition for success on the market is high-performance textile machines whose drives are optimally configured for the individual process and whose designs are integrated into the overall machine concept.

System integration

The whole is more than the sum of its constituent parts – that also holds true for the innovative solutions from ebm-papst. For the solution to complex drive technology challenges often requires the rational combination of mechanics, electrical engineering and electronic control technology.