Diagnostic devices

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ebm-papst drives and ventilation systems for diagnostics.
ebm-papst drives and ventilation systems for diagnostics.

Drives and ventilation systems for diagnostics

What does drive engineering have to do with patients' waiting time and level of satisfaction? Smooth procedures in diagnostics are by nature very device-specific.

In diagnostics applications, the wants and needs of clinical users are of primary importance. Doctors want to obtain reliable results quickly, with as little intervention on their part as possible.

A variety of new functions allow the workflow to be made much faster and easier. Innovative drive functions carry out procedures in an accurate and time-saving manner, providing a fast diagnosis. Excellent diagnostic performance requires EC drives that can be precisely positioned, are vibration-free, and are virtually silent.

Software and high-performance electronics are the prerequisite for fast diagnostic results. For effective cooling of these systems, ebm-papst will work side-by-side with you as a development partner. Together, we develop drive and ventilation applications that provide immediate benefits in comfort and productivity.