Computer tomography

Fast, precise, and safe for the patient

ebm-papst drive and blower systems for computer tomography.
ebm-papst drive and blower systems for computer tomography.

Drive and blower systems for computer tomography

Tried-and-tested drives and blowers from ebm-papst are used in these devices and systems. Low-noise performance, high performance through all diagnostic steps, and operating reliability are of central importance here.

Turning, zooming in, positioning - only a constant speed provides accurate results. This is made possible by precision, high-performance GreenTech EC drives from ebm-papst.

The heart of every CT system is its "electronic brain." ebm-papst cools the high-performance electronics used for control, diagnostics and output in CT units. Our engineers have been part of the development of these devices from the beginning, applying all their experience to the optimal arrangement of the device cooling.

Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of drive and cooling solutions for computer tomography, are used in many applications.