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ebm-papst drive systems for centrifuges.
ebm-papst drive systems for centrifuges.

Drive systems for centrifuges

If we understand technology to be only a means to an end, use and handling will always become easier as a result. At the same time, however, procedures need to be made faster and diagnostic cycles shortened. This is particularly true of centrifuges.

Various blowers and drives from ebm-papst are used in these devices and systems. Precise controllability, high performance, and virtually silent operation are the central requirements here.

This level of performance is made possible by powerful GreenTech EC drives from ebm-papst. Its vibration-free performance, compact design and highly dynamic running make this technology the first choice of many manufacturers. Constant power density, reproducible movements - and the user-friendly operation they provide - underscore their popularity among medical technicians.