Fuel cells

Clean energy for the future

Fuel cells have a wide range of applications. Because of the wide range of fuel cell types and their wide performance spectrum, these applications range from use in cell phones and laptops to mobile applications in cars or buses to supplying energy for multifamily homes or commercial buildings.

Based on the wide range of centrifugal blowers for the heating industry, we are working intensively to create components with a performance spectrum to match the requirements of fuel cell technology.

To make fuel cell technology competitive, it is necessary to consume as little energy as possible in the system components. Therefore, an important goal for us is to achieve the highest possible overall efficiency of the motor/blower unit. Due to the low energy consumption of the latest GreenTech EC drive motor and the use of optimized, highly efficient fluid flow engines, this goal has already been reached in various projects from a variety of application areas. Efforts are also being made to optimize noise emissions of the ebm-papst systems, so that requirements in this area for mass-produced products are already taken into consideration in development.

Because we maintain intensive contacts with industry and research institutions, our systems always reflect the latest state of development of fuel cell technology. Our solutions range from blowers for electronics and capacitor cooling to pure supply blowers for cathode air to blowers for fuel gas supply.