Controlled home ventilation

Working to make ventilation quieter

Controlled home ventilation with ebm-papst EC fans.
Controlled home ventilation with ebm-papst EC fans.

Everyone likes peace and quiet - that is why we are doing everything in our power to continuously reduce the noise level of ventilation systems. Because in home ventilation systems, the ventilation and exhaust of each room uses a pipe system that extends through the house, minimum noise from the fan is of critical importance. To solve this problem, we developed a motor with low-noise commutation.

In controlled home ventilation, two fans (ventilation and exhaust blowers) are operated, usually around the clock. Therefore, the fan units need to be correspondingly robust. The best example: Our centrifugal fans for home ventilation are available in combination with either AC asynchronous motors or electronically commutated motors.

The trend in this area favors the latter, the energy-efficient GreenTech EC motors. This is because requirements for buildings have changed greatly over the last few years - the focus today is on saving energy.

Energy savings of up to 50 % can be attained using our GreenTech EC fans.