Compact fans for seat climatisation

Seat climatisation

Fan technology from ebm-papst powers seating comfort

The increasingly compact design of car seats places complex requirements on climate management. With ebm-papst's expertise in the area of fans, perfectly air-conditioned seats have been developed to regulate the constant exchange of air between body and seat.

Drivers expect to stay cool in their cars. To make this possible, fan engineers occasionally break out in a sweat in their work. This is particularly true when the performance specifications include a long list of requirements, such as the least possible vibration, optimum air flow, and great robustness and a long service life of the active seat ventilation. Another critical point is easy integration of the fans into the smallest possible space.

Axial compact fans for seat climatisation

Particularly in the car seat area, external environmental factors such as outside temperature, solar radiation and humidity can result in more extreme climate conditions than those in other areas of the vehicle. Perspiration that is not drawn away causes discomfort and, even in an airconditioned car, can lead to painful muscular tension during long trips. It can also cause back problems and pain in the abdomen and kidney area. Small fans from ebm-papst are on duty to prevent this whenever possible.