Demonstrating impressive potential over the years


As a medium-sized company with high standards for creativity and continuity, we have a long history of successful cooperation with partners in the automotive industry and their system suppliers. Now as then, we work together to develop new technologies and push them forward. We are there from the beginning, always remaining one step ahead of the competition.

Our employees, with their passion and spirit of research, inspire us to constantly reach new levels of achievement in developing new and innovative products. Knowing the needs of our customers and being familiar with their industries allows us to develop highly specialized solutions.

Thermal management for LED headlights

The power density of modern LEDs makes it possible to use this type of lighting in vehicle headlights. The actual light source is insensitive to vibration and shocks. But like any other electronic component, it also needs to be operated within certain temperature limits. Small fans specially adapted to the needs of headlight operation offer a solution. To adapt the headlight to the car's needs, all components need to fulfil a few basic requirements. This also applies to the fans that are used.

EC drive for active steering

Maximum driving safety at high speeds and comfortable handling when parking: EC motors by ebm-papst for active steering.

Compact fans for seat climatisation

The increasingly compact design of car seats places complex requirements on climate management. With ebm-papst's expertise in the area of fans, perfectly air-conditioned seats have been developed to regulate the constant exchange of air between body and seat.

Sensor blowers for automatic climate control systems

Automatic climate control systems are increasingly becoming standard equipment in today's cars. These immensely popular systems are taking over both the premium class and the high-volume segment. Compact sensor blowers with integrated or external measuring sensors form the technological basis.

Compact fans for electronics cooling

Creating quiet and powerful components and systems for electronics cooling is a challenge that ebm-papst development engineers meet every day. Our experience and mastery in solving complex cooling tasks is reflected in thousands of applications. The basis for this is provided by innovative fan and blower solutions from ebm-papst that guarantee reliable cooling of electronics, even in a tightly packed instrument panel or the engine compartment of a modern vehicle.

Fans for commercial vehicles

For many years, ebm-papst fans have provided the greatest possible driver and passenger comfort in bus air conditioning systems and for air-conditioning and ventilation of lorry driver’s cabs. Numerous manufacturers of climate control systems rely on our experience and exceptional level of expertise in ventilation and drive engineering.