Connectivity for smart solutions.

Video: A look back on the SPS trade fair

Connectivity for smart solutions. This was the theme under which ebm-papst presented the new ECI-63.60-K5 drive system for Industry 4.0, the VARIOTRONIC VTD-24.40-K4S112 drive controller, and the Fan Check diagnostic system at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg.

Driven by innovation: ECI-63.60-K5.

This compact new drive system works in the power range between 180 and 370 watts with outstanding efficiency and high power density. Thanks to integrated and programmable control, previously required controllers can be dispensed with or freed up. The incorporated standardized CANopen interface ensures ideal network connections. A true team player.

Smart best seller: RadiPac.

Groundbreaking components such as the new RadiPac Airfoil, the GreenTech EC motor and advanced control electronics combined in a compact plug & play system: Meet our RadiPac EC centrifugal fans. Thanks to the MODBUS-RTU interface and smoothly adjustable speed control, their strengths – such as high efficiency – can be ideally tuned to a particular requirement. That means easy integration in your special applications.

Looking ahead: the FanCheck diagnostic system.

Who knows what the future will bring? It’s quite simple: You do. At least when the issue is the lifespan of your ebm-papst fans. FanCheck uses measured operating data, real ambient conditions and the unique experience of ebm-papst to make realistic predictions about the actual lifespan of fans. And it then uses the operating conditions to make and issue informed prediction updates. That makes preventive replacements a thing of the past, saving time, money and labor.

Gets it all done: VARIOTRONIC VTD-24.40-K4S.

Our VARIOTRONIC VTD-24.40-K4S drive controller is a good example of an innovative electronics solution for the position-controlled operation of BLDC motors with high overload capacity. The controller ensures an impressive motor output power of up to 1,000 watts. Its integrated RS-485 interface provides extensive configuration and diagnosis options. Connectivity at its best.

Taking connectivity a step further.

GreenTech is more than just our distinctive symbol we get envied for by many. It’s a philosophy that guides our entire business: Every new product we develop has to be economically and ecologically superior to its predecessor.

And so we take the buzzword “connectivity” to mean more than connections between components or between systems and users. Instead, we also view it as the connection of technology and environment, progress and nature.

Rapid progress: 48-hour delivery service
Your customized drive solution in quantities as low as a single unit, on its way to you in only 48 hours: Our modular design does the trick. Choose the right motor from various series between 10 and 750 watts and fl exibly combine it with transmissions, brakes, encoders and electronics for speed-, torque- and position-controlled operation. See for yourself in 48 hours?