Look into the future,
At the IAA, Hall 4, Stand C18!

Look into the future, At the IAA, Hall 4, Stand C18!

With ebm-papst, you’re at the wheel.

Shaping innovation, making mobility safer, more convenient, less stressful – that’s what drives us in the automotive sector. We’ve developed a wide range of advanced products and complete systems for cooling and drive applications – or we can develop new ones that are perfectly matched to each other and to your requirements. Whether it’s exhaust treatment, steering, integrated oil pumps or seat ventilation, our products always include three components: expertise, experience and passion.

Solutions for mobility.

We ventilate car seats.

We ventilate car seats.
Our new centrifugal fans make room for thin and light seat designs. Their compact design saves both space and money. No matter what your requirements are, our axial and centrifugal fans provide perfect ventilation for your seats.

We’ll reveal a secret.

We’ll reveal a secret. Many factors define a vehicle; important among them are convenience and safety. Discover our latest solution for steering.