Extra lean – made to the highest standards

Extra lean – made to the highest standards

Axial fan with especially flat design

The latest innovation being shown at the ebm-papst stand is the size 250 axial fan with an especially flat design only 50 mm high that sets new standards in packaging. The fan housing has four attachment points by which the fan can be fastened with screws as usual. A new addition is a bayonet fitting with which the fan can be easily mounted on a bracket or other fixture. The fan housing’s symmetrical design gives customers more flexibility for installation and allows the fan to be used easily for both airflow directions. A guard grille can be clicked into place without increasing the fan’s height and without additional hardware.

Impressive in all respects

High performance despite a low height? No problem for the new W3G 250, which was manufactured with completely new technologies. Easy to install with a bayonet fitting or screw connection, it can be used for either airflow direction thanks to the special fan housing. The fan‘s high synthetic component makes it extremely light weight – without compromising safety: degree of protection IP6k9k! Lean look – plenty of benefits for you.

Where efficiency gets up to speed

When rigorous cooling capacity requirements encounter small spaces, for example in trucks, it‘s a tight squeeze for the air conditioning system. Good thing our new ultra lean W3G 250 fan easily satisfi es all requirements for performance, efficiency and robustness – even in extremely compact installation spaces.