The component of trust.
Reliable air and drive technology for the medical field.


In medical technology, it is often necessary to integrate complex devices into small spaces. And to make sure that they can be operated reliably and efficiently there. When meeting these challenges, you need a partner you can completely trust. One like ebm-papst.

Competency in industrial drive engineering.

Competency in industrial drive engineering.

Individually harmonized drives for medical technology are often expensive. This is why at ebm-papst, you benefit from a modular system. In this way, you can combine the affordable series production of modules with the option of a design that matches your application. In short: As our customer, you receive complete drive systems from a single source. You will no longer experience adjustment losses and delays due to coordinating with several suppliers.

Even OEM drive solutions are no problem! A partnership with our experts allows you to concentrate on your core competency, saving time and money in the process.

Small, quiet, dynamic and efficient: the RV 45.

Small, quiet, dynamic and efficient: the RV 45.

Our RV 45 centrifugal fan was developed especially for the medical technology sector – in particular, for use in highly sensitive respirator masks with air blowers. In connection with its extremely smooth operation, flexible speed control and automatic pressure adjustment (APAP) of the drive support the recovery of sleeping patients. RV 45 is made of 100 % biocompatible, FDA-compliant plastics and available in a 12 V or 24 V product design.

Economical and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Top performance must not come at the cost of economic efficiency or the environment. This is the deep conviction and clear stance upon which we base our product development process.

This is why we optimize our materials and processes with regard to environmental compatibility, our energy footprint and recycling from the very beginning, and focus on precisely harmonizing motor technology, aerodynamics and electronics.

In line with the company’s GreenTech philosophy, all our products are produced using as little material and energy as possible and are of course soldered without lead. In operation, the drives’ high efficiency and low energy consumption are the perfect complement to resource-preserving fan and drive design.