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You're invited! Fan Sizing & Selection for Energy Efficiency

ASHRAE 2018 Winter Conference Technology Program Seminar
Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, IL
1/22/18, 11:00am – 12:00pm
Subject: Fan Selection using FEI

The movement of air is a main source of electricity consumption in buildings. Air handlers, fan coils, and other equipment with embedded fans as well as standalone fans are fundamental parts of efforts to green the air side. Designers, energy consultants, and equipment manufacturers tend to apply safety factors during design in an attempt to achieve promised performance. Consideration of differences between fan-system types, knowledge of systems’ intrinsic behavior, and appreciation of fan-performance tolerances are essential for good fan selections.

Armin Hauer, Advanced Technology Manager, ebm-papst

Smart, precise, compact: RadiCal centrifugal fan in a scroll housing.

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The AxiBlade is an axial fan for any scenario that will help you meet the required air flow, minimal noise emissions and increased energy efficiency for evaporators, condensers and heat exchangers in VACR systems.

The AxiBlade’s footprint meets the current industry standard and is available with GreenTech EC motor as well as AC motor options. AxiBlade is a modular concept that offers fan housings of varying heights with an aerodynamically optimized inlet ring. As well, state of the art impeller geometry with winglets provide for maximum efficiency. Exhaust turbulence and the resulting dynamic losses are minimized thanks to guide vanes. Operation is possible in a wide variety of applications with an optimum efficiency of up to 54 %, along with noise reduction of up to 8 dB(A) compared with standard fan designs.

The first gas blower for large-scale applications up to 2 megawatts.

The G3G 315 blower sets the new standard in top performance – not only in our product range but in condensing boiler technology as a whole. For the first time, heat output of up to 2 MW – enough to heat high-rise buildings or entire housing developments – is possible with a single blower. Now planners have completely new options, such as decentralized heating solutions that minimize construction expenses and heating losses from long pipes. In combination with our GreenTech EC technology, enormous savings are possible.

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S1G305 - The new standard in EC unit cooler fans.

The S1G305 is specifically designed for harsh environments.

  • Wide voltage range
  • Rotary switch to set the required RPM
  • Reliable and efficient EC technology
  • Fully assembled for fast installation in the field (video)


The line of radial plenum fans with Green Tech EC motor technology has been expanded again And with the new product line comes a new name RadiPac. The RadiPac is equipped with motor, intelligent & aerodynamic impeller design, and high-performance electronics - suitable for horizontal and vertical installations with impeller diameters ranging from 400mm - 900mm. That doesn't just save space; thanks to plug and play it also reduces complexity. One more feature of these fans is their big performance: up to 14,700 CFM at 4 in. wg. More information about air conditioning and ventilation systems with EC technology can be found here.