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11 December 2018 #25|18: Warm Christmas

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, experts bring warmth to churches, we look back at the SPS IPC Drives trade show and present the teams at the next Hallenmasters event.

27 November 2018 #24|18: Your Mission: Healthy Climate

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, you’ll find: air conditioning in Sweden, cooling with corrosion protection, today’s way to heat and an EU directive that deserves protection.

13 November 2018 #23|18: Ready for a Hot Shower

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we clean like the pros, show you a video of the Chillventa trade show highlights and give you two good reasons to attend the SPS IPC Drives trade show.

30 October 2018 #22|18: Trade Show in Motion

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue we invite you to a moving trade show review at Chillventa, and report on the outlook for SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg and a workshop in Italy.

16 October 2018 #21|18: Smart Heart

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, you’ll meet our smart heart for residential ventilation, learn how we turn fans into interconnected complete solutions and get a glimpse of our trade show highlights from COMPAMED.

02 October 2018 #20|18: Like a James Bond film

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we visit a data center that could double as a film set, invite you to an expert lecture at Chillventa – and re-invent the wheel!

18 September 2018 #19|18: Germ-free sushi

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue we look behind the scenes of fresh food counters, the Chillventa, the largest running event in the German district Hohenlohe and training at ebm-papst.

04 September 2018 #18|18: Air Intake with a Future

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we will visit a gasworks in Dresden and whip up enthusiasm for both the IAA and the ebm-papst Marathon.

21 August 2018 #17|18: Ffffrosty!

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we explain how to blast freeze and why the ErP Directive for the ecodesign of energy is under siege. We also invite you to attend the InnoTrans trade show.

07 August 2018 #16|18: The Giga Milestone

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, you will encounter solar pioneers in America, builders in China and a centrifugal blower in completely new applications.

24 July 2018 #15|18: Fresh from the tap

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this edition, we take a look at a beer tap and a slaughterhouse. What’s more, we introduce you to a new member of the RadiCal family.

10 July 2018 #14|18: Air conditioning artist

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this edition, we shall introduce to you a truly expert energy saver, a global energy savings plan, and our intelligent compact drives with a CAN bus interface.

26 June 2018 #13|18: Growth in all countries and markets

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we present our annual results, say goodbye to our long-standing Managing Director for Sales and Marketing and introduce our new Managing Director for Research and Development as well as the new Managing Director of ebm-papst Landshut.

12 June 2018 #12|18: No more trouble!

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, you will visit an electronics store in Berlin, get in-depth information about developing axial fans and learn about the seal of approval awarded to ebm-papst.

29 May 2018 #11|18: No Need to Count Sheep

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we give you a tip for healthy sleep, take a close look at a building in Australia and celebrate an international award we’ve received.

15 May 2018 #10|18: Smoke-free Grilled Sausage

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we ring in the barbecue season, show you where our drives are used and teach fans how to whisper.

02 May 2018 #09|18: Fly like a bird

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we invite you to take flight, make data centers efficient, and show why we are at the forefront in ventilation and air conditioning.

17 April 2018 #08|18: In the Pink

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, ebm-papst rocks with Pink Floyd, cools lights and helps to heat halls.

03 April 2018 #07|18: Equipped to deal with the cold

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we present solutions for two completely different problems: AxiCool for ice-cold evaporator applications and RadiMix for gas heating systems. And we invite you to the ebm-papst marathon and the “fan2018” conference.

20 March 2018 #06|18: Active and Happy

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Presenting two tinkerers and their unique walker, plus our new RadiPac centrifugal fan for commercial kitchens. Finally, our Chief Operating Officer explains the strategy behind our construction activity.

07 March 2018 #05|18: CO2? Just filter it out.

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Read about how CO2 is turned into fertilizer for cucumbers, what added value our ebm-papst App Xplore provides, how our RadiCal fan measures air flow, and what makes ebm-papst one of the most popular employers in Germany.

21 February 2018 #04|18: Always well informed

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we present you an upgrade in Switzerland, show you how important directives are, you’ll get to know a gas blower with enormous performance as well as a clever solution for music therapy.

06 February 2018 #03|18: Outside crispy, inside juicy

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, a clever roller grill will whet your appetite for delicious steaks; you will learn why Rational AG considers ebm-papst an outstanding supplier and you will find out how we support young inventors. Finally, we invite you to explore our solutions for heating technology.

23 January 2018 #02|18: The thing about rules

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and ebm-papst explain how they deal with changes in the rules. Two other stories show how important it is to select the right fan.

10 January 2018 #01|18: At Home in Refrigeration Technology

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, you will gain insight into our refrigeration technology solutions, look back at our indoor soccer champions and find out more about a Swedish school.

19 December 2017 #25|17: Chimney Sweeps Bring Good Luck

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue: a chimney sweep with a good idea, a real eye-catcher for medical technology and plenty of helping hands around the house.

06 December 2017 #24|17: Four countries, one goal

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this edition, you can find out more about the ebm-papst indoor soccer tournament 2018, test your knowledge of the latest Formula 1 season, and learn about our system solutions for heating technology.

22 November 2017 #23|17: Power from the steppe

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Learn about clean power from the steppe, look forward to a soccer spectacular, and discover how air cleaners keep the air clean around machining centers.

07 November 2017 #22|17: Making the world better

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue: A Dutchman makes the world a little better, a small motor delivers more power for mobile applications, and an Australian is a step ahead.

26 October 2017 #21|17: Pressure vs. Heatchallenge

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Learn how ebm-papst helps Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport to cool hot engines, find out what we will be exhibiting at the SPS IPC Drives trade show and discover how we support young talents.

10 October 2017 #20|17: A cool solution to an air conditioning challenge

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Experience a challenging major project through the eyes of an air conditioning expert, look inside an AHU together with students and find out how our customers benefit from the new building at our St. Georgen location.

27 September 2017 #19|17: Maximum Leverage

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Find out how Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and ebm-papst leverage airflow to the max and meet our new trainees and our electrifying new partner.

12 September 2017 #18|17: Magical Light Shows

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Read about fascinating laser light shows, learn the results of the ebm-papst Marathon and find out why it will pay to visit our stand at the IAA trade show.

29 August 2017 #17|17: Cool Traveling

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Meet our fan for cooling electric and hybrid motors in buses, find out what connects us to the Formula One team from Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and learn interesting background information on the 22nd ebm-papst Marathon.

15 August 2017 #16|17: Play, Sleep, Shop

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Discover a casino in Southeast Asia, learn more about our latest investment project, be inspired by a genuine designer piece and experience the birth of a new era.

01 August 2017 #15|17: Sensors for Success

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. Immerse yourself in the world of sensors and data in premier auto racing and at ebm-papst. Become familiar with the fast charging station that is helping to drive e-mobility – without bothering the neighbors. And learn what Siemens says about collaborating with us.

19 July 2017 #14|17: Cool break for trucks

Our newsletter informs you about new and interesting topics involving ebm-papst. In this issue, we show you how truck drivers can keep cool, and we’re pleased to announce two important awards.

04 July 2017 #13|17: Ventilation shaft, not lecture hall

The newsletter informs you about new, interesting topics involving ebm-papst: Accompany two students who upgraded the air conditioning at their university. Read the details of ebm-papst’s success during the last fiscal year and find out how experts prepared the way into the interconnected future at the sixth Innovation Forum.

20 June 2017 #12|17: The stuff success is made of

The newsletter informs you about new, interesting topics involving ebm-papst: We show you the role that materials play for both ebm-papst and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, and how to find the right fan. And we’ll introduce you to David Kehler. Find out who he is below.

06 June 2017 #11|17: Old records with a fresh, new look

The newsletter informs you about new, interesting topics involving ebm-papst: Meet an inventor who helps record fans clean their precious vinyl, take a look behind the scenes of our development center for heating technology in Osnabrück and find out about an efficient computer center full of server capacity for rent.

23 May 2017 #10|17: Best Buddy in the Formula One Garage

The newsletter informs you about new, interesting topics involving ebm-papst: Meet the best friend of the mechanics at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, take a tour of our new distribution center and play a round of golf – using a motorized caddy, of course.

09 May 2017 #09|17: Speedy Internet? Yes, but quiet!

This newsletter informs you about new, interesting topics involving ebm-papst: Find out how a team of engineers keeps the distribution stations for fiber optic cables extremely quiet, get to know our new AxiBlade axial fan better and discover which role ebm-papst plays in residential ventilation.

26 April 2017 #08|17: Cool Production

The newsletter informs you about new, interesting topics involving ebm-papst: Discover our solutions at work in production halls, find out how a residential complex was persuaded to cut its energy costs by 50 percent and learn about this year’s ebm-papst Marathon.

11 April 2017 #07|17: Things run better on rollers!

The newsletter informs you about new, interesting topics involving ebm-papst: You will visit an animal food supplier in the heart of northern Germany’s cattle breeding country, learn about our recent acquisition and meet our compact VG 100 gas blower.

28 March 2017 #06|17: Highlights for heating and air conditioning technology

This newsletter informs you about new, exciting subjects involving ebm-papst – from a video review of the ISH trade show to our RadiPac in new sizes. And we invite you to join in and answer a survey about our customer magazine!

14 March 2017 #05|17: Aerodynamics Check for New F1 Car

"The vehicle was designed systematically", Dr. Bruno Lindl, Managing Director of Research and Development at the ebm-papst Group, an aerodynamics expert, takes a closer look at the car. Scroll for success, Quiet, efficient and compact – this is the new RadiCal in a scroll housing. Juries love it, AxiBlade recently brought home two awards!

28 February 2017 ebm-papst newsletter 2017-04

"Driving will be more stressful", Aerodynamics expert Dr. Jürgen Schöne on the rule changes for the 2017 season. Change in management: Dirk Schallock resigning from ebm-papst St. Georgen. Frigorífico Verdi, a meat producer, was looking for an efficient cooling tunnel; Cooling & Freezing, a specialist for such solutions, was looking for a customer for its new application … The story of a Brazilian premiere.

14 February 2017 ebm-papst newsletter 2017-03

Energy Scouts make it into the final of the GreenTec-Awards.
Quiet fans in the bathroom.
Correct FanGrid design.

31 January 2017 ebm-papst newsletter 2017-02

Here’s to a smarter future! ebm-papst at the ISH. Cold feet at freezer cabinets? Never again! Retrofit in 138 supermarkets and department. No-sweat excavating, Centrifugal fans from ebm-papst.

17 January 2017 ebm-papst newsletter 2017-01

Rapid start-up in only 3-4 seconds. ebm-papst in transformers: Long live oil-cooled transformers! ebm-papst FanScout - click your way to the ideal solution. Self-contained Solution.

14 December 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-12

Centrifugal fans for extreme applications. New drive controller from ebm-papst. Spectacular Delivery. Extractor hood downwards. GreenTec Awards: Two projects from ebm-papst in the top 10.

16 November 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-11

Stefan Brandl is to become CEO of ebm-papst. World premiere at Chillventa – the AxiBlade causes a sensation! More refrigeration capacity per m²? Yes! Unit Cooler axial fans. The heating Dutchman. Fan selection made easy. Jubilee Celebration in Shanghai.

20 October 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-10

ebm-papst causes a stir with world premiere at Chillventa 2016! A fan for any scenario. A gentle giant for air coolers. Efficiency with great style. Intelligent solutions from ebm-papst. "Best of Category" Award for CO2-efficient Fan. MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS completes the triple. ebm-papst Keeps Heads Cool on the Pit Wall.

06 October 2016 mag° newsletter 2016-02

On course towards zero emissions. Quiet fans in the bathroom. We’re surfing the 4.0 wave. Getting rid of heat. A slip-on drive for the mountains. Now fans can live longer. Perfect climate from the ice tank.

21 September 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-09

Can a single fan system cover all applications? EC fans on the high seas. ebm-papst is expanding the S-Panther series. ECI motors ensure perfect control pressure in transmissions. System solutions for medical technology. ebm-papst with expert presentations at Chillventa.

18 August 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-08

ebm-papst at Chillventa. New products for railway systems at InnoTrans. Extra-flat fan for heavy-duty applications. "Impeller geometry is crucial for efficiency and noise level". A pure island for athletes. EC centrifugal blowers. Fan coil units and air curtains with GreenTech EC fans

21 July 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-07

Efficient cooling with low energy use. A fresh breeze for the dairy case. New sales structure ensures proximity to the customer. ebm-papst Plans Research Center in Osnabrück. Award for "Supplier of the Year". ebm-papst helps after flood disaster. International Sustainability Day.

14 June 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-06

ebm-papst again receives award for research and development. ebm-papst in data centres: Cool solutions for red-hot technology. How much does air weigh? ebm-papst FanScout – click your way to the optimum solution. Another year of record revenue at ebm-papst.

31 May 2016 mag° newsletter 2016-01

Air conditioning for the dolphinarium. Breathing easy in the archives. The inspector’s critical eye. New fans for an old station. Efficiency in the storage facility. Gear motor supports recovery. Ready for a wave of orders.

18 May 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-05

Creative Heads keep their cool. Two opposing fans with high flow rate and efficiency. Interconnected fans save energy. "Tandem fan" for more air throughput. EC centrifugal fans for clean rooms. Pick up your number!

19 April 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-04

ebm-papst at Hannover Messe 2016. NiQ - the next generation of energy-saving motors. Pleasant atmosphere every day - ebm-papst in buildings. Hot water from exhaust air.

16 March 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-03

Axial fans for high-performance evaporators, NiQ - The latest generation of energy-saving motors, Axial fan with integrated diffuser, Gas blower for large-scale applications up to two megawatts, An energy balance to feel good about, ebm-papst opens building phase in St. Georgen, FIA 2016 Race Calendar.

16 February 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-02

Your way to efficiency, ebm-papst at theMostra Cenvegno 2016. A ventilation concept guaranteed to meet with applause. Upgrade with a happy end. Design award for fan by ebm-papst. German Vice Chancellor at ebm-papst.

21 January 2016 ebm-papst newsletter 2016-01

Being fit for the future means running a sustainable business. Pleasant climate in MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS paint shop. ebm-papst buying electronics specialist IKOR. New, compact diagonal module for filter fans. An efficient family.

15 December 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-12

Cooling solutions for the 2015 F1™ World Champions, Clever solution for cooling servers, Energy-saving EC centrifugal blowers with high power density, High-performance DC axial fans in the 119 x 119 mm class, Modular, overload-capable planetary gear system, ebm-papst invests an additional €15 million in its St. Georgen plant, First international award for Energy Scouts in Great Britain.

17 November 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-11

Efficient cooling of hot spots made easy; Gold for RadiPac centrifugal fan; RadiPac = form + fit + function; A ventilation concept guaranteed to meet with applause; A dependable partner; Install efficiency. Build an advantage.

20 October 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-10

MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS wins 2015 FIA Formula One World Constructors Championship. Certainly Efficient. New system enhances ride comfort and road safety. Compact ECI motors provide hydraulic pressure. Saving energy safely. Experience efficiency. German Mechanical Engineering Prize 2015 for Gerhard Sturm. ebm-papst leads way in digital world. ebm-papst opens second production plant in Landshut

06 October 2015 techmag° newsletter 2015-01 | Special Issue: Correct Values

Measured by the ILK in Dresden! The new RadiPac. The fan. Comparison of fans. Documentation and fan selection. Measurement is best. Precision measurement. Production. Customers agree: You can rely on ebm-papst!

28 September 2015 mag° newsletter 2015-02

Gaining, sharing and using experience. Not just heat. Harmony on the high seas. "Measurements have the last word". Das coolste Team der Formel 1. Interview with Toto Wolff. Sound effects. Neighing instead of barking! It’s already running? Close the window. Let fresh air in. Green Deeds Worldwide.

17 September 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-09

IAA 2015 - Impressive innovations from ebm-papst. ebm-papst on the move: Innovations for road and rail. Upgrade with a happy end. The future of refrigeration, air conditioning and building systems. More openings for vocational training. Around 3600 runners reached the finishing line at the ebm-papst marathon.

18 August 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-08

ebm-papst presents new technologies at the IAA 2015. Modular system for ECI drives expanded with new 80 mm motor. Operation geared to requirements. Rainer Hundsdörfer receives B.A.U.M. Environmental Prize 2015. Interview with Geoff Willis, Technology Director of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. More openings for vocational training. CDU politician Thomas Strobl immersed in a midsize company for two days.

21 July 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-07

Discover Industry 4.0 at ebm-papst. Ex-protected fans with GreenTech EC technology. "Being fit for the future means running a sustainable business", Interview with Dr. Lindl. ebm-papst Nominated for Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award. Energy scout meets environment minister. Precision measurement. Documentation and fan selection. Technology Initiative Campus Künzelsau (TICK) moves up a gear.

19 June 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-06

ebm-papst strengthens global market position. Measurement is best. ebm-papst wins with Industry 4.0. USA, here we come!

19 May 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-05

ebm-papst°TV: Braking better - sand spreaders for trams.
All aboard!
ebm-papst manufactures Industry 4.0-capable products.
A RadiPac from ebm-papst does its bit here to ensure energy efficiency.

22 April 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-04

ebm-papst°TV: Roller and ebm-papst – Successful premium partnership. Ideal climate in the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team garage. Protecting your data - Compact, protected against fire and break-ins and with excellent air conditioning. Old meets new - The result was an efficient heater.

08 April 2015 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV: Ideal air quality. emco is able to achieve a balanced and comfortable climate in the room. A supply of fresh air from outside is vital.

24 March 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-03

Tech leader focussing on digitisation and networking. ebm-papst°TV: ebm-papst impressed with innovations at the ISH 2015. ebm-papst°TV: Next-generation RadiPac sets benchmark. New system solutions for gas-condensing technology. Fighting harmonics. New Formula One season gaining momentum. ebm-papst°TV: "Youth Research" in Künzelsau - ebm-papst apprentices Tanja and Sina go in search of exciting projects! ebm-papst increases production capacity. ebm-papst celebrates success at the German Design Award.

17 February 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-02

Energy-saving solutions for heating and ventilation. ebm-papst°TV: A residential ventilation in the kitchen cabinet. A helping hand. Solutions for solid fuel heating systems. ebm-papst receives Axia Award for superb sustainability concept. ebm-papst supports Crailsheim Merlins. ebm-papst is again one of Germany’s best employers.

03 February 2015 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV: Fire prevention with the help of compact fans.

WAGNER Group GmbH is a market leader in fire detection and prevention systems. In the TITANUS air sampling smoke detection system ebm-papst fans convey the air.

20 January 2015 ebm-papst newsletter 2015-01

Chief Track Engineer Simon Cole of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team reports on a fast-track technical discussion with Business Development Manager Mark Wilson from ebm-papst Automotive & Drives (UK) Ltd. ebm-papst°TV: Robust blowers in OTTEC fog machines. Cool cooperation, better air conduction, easy maintenance and high efficiency. ebm-papst°TV: The Karlsruher SC wins the Indoor Championships.

19 December 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-12

80th birthday of Gerhard Sturm. ebm-papst°TV: Rainer Hundsdörfer about the triumph of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS. Entrepreneur and ebm-papst founder Gerhard Sturm celebrates his 80th birthday on 17 December 2014. ebm-papst opens new production expansion at headquarters. Make it quick.

02 December 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV: ebm-papst at the "SPS IPC DRIVES" trade fair in Nuremberg. Under the motto "Non-stop innovation", ebm-papst presented its latest products at the leading trade fair for electrical automation. The focus in Nuremberg was on the continued development of the successful modular system.

18 November 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV: ebm-papst filter fans cool electronics in switchgear cabinets of Rittal, helping to prevent premature failure of temperature-sensitive components.
ebm-papst°TV: Two successful companies, Rittal and ebm-papst – together on the market. One thing these innovative companies develop is filter fans, which are a real success story.

11 November 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-11

ebm-papst°TV: Expansion of capacity in Hollenbach. "We want to reach pole position". ebm-papst planning own institute. High-performance drive solutions and efficient cooling concepts for automation. ebm-papst takes double gold. Survey ebm-papst°TV.

23 October 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV: The Chillventa 2014 in Nuremberg. At the newly designed trade fair stand ebm-papst presented under the motto "Discover real values" new energy-saving axial fans for unit coolers, the new generation of EC motors and among others the EC medium pressure axial fan.

14 October 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-10

MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS wins 2014 FIA Formula 1 World Constructors Championship. New generation of axial fans. Energy efficiency is in everybody's interest. Fans for evaporators and unit coolers. ebm-papst°TV: Opening of the new technical centre in St. Georgen.

01 October 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

Wodtke pellet stoves inspire with innovative technology, too.
ebm-papst is investing in a new plant in Landshut.

18 September 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-09

ebm-papst supports technical revolution in Formula 1. ebm-papst°TV: The 19th ebm-papst marathon and The "Energy Scouts". Both new and proven products on show at Chillventa. Over 100 new trainees at ebm-papst.

02 September 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV: Clean air in kitchen with filter-free range hoods. The innovative range hood made by berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH don`t need power decreasing filter. GreenTech EC technology from ebm-papst ensures a quieter hood – and reduces power consumption by up to 70%.

20 August 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-08

ebm-papst°TV: A revolutionary dishwasher - M-iClean by MEIKO. Safe and pleasant rail travel with door drive units and fans from ebm-papst. New axial fan from ebm-papst at the IAA Commercial Vehicles - The high-performance answer to commercial vehicle climate control. S-Panther - The new generation of compact fans. EC centrifugal fans for fan filter units.

05 August 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

Production in a clean room in Herbolzheim: The production in a clean room is subject to special technical cleanliness requirements according to the German Association of the Automotive Industry. ebm-papst is producing for automotive manufacturers like Volkswagen, AUDI, Mercedes and Porsche in the High-Tech Centre.
Special dust extraction for nail studios by Nova Flair: In most nail studios, clients previously had to put up with fine, unpleasant dust when having their nails filed. This is now a thing of the past thanks to Nova Flair. The inventive company from Germany set itself the task of dealing with the issue of stubborn, fine dust, as hygiene is essential in any studio.

17 July 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-07

ebm-papst°TV: Özdemir completed an internship at ebm-papst. Research and development award. 63 mm drive with integrated control electronics. Making use of optimisation potential for cooling.

01 July 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV: Every day is a green day on 5 June 2014. Joining the World Environment Day of the United Nations, ebm-papst celebrated their GreenDay for the third time this year. All ebm-papst subsidiaries participated in the global campaign with a huge variety of activities, putting their creative genius to good use.

17 June 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-06

ebm-papst°TV: Landshut celebrates family day. UNO World Environment Day and ebm-papst GreenDay. Fit for frigid environments. A small impeller with a huge impact.

05 June 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV: Annual press conference 2014

Rainer Hundsdörfer - Chairman of Board of Directors of the ebm-papst Group – presents the results of the impressive fiscal year and explains the reasons for the good result at the annual press conference.

20 May 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-05

ebm-papst supporting technical revolution in Formula1 – Partnership with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, ebm-papst°TV: Germany and Allstars at cup finals, What to look out for in vehicle LED headlights, Technology for gourmets.

08 May 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV: Visiting ebm-papst Italy in Mozzate: This ebm-papst°TV issue presents the ebm-papst location in Lombardy close to Milan and shows what makes this subsidiary so special.

22 April 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-04

ebm-papst°TV: Product Piracy, More fans, fewer problems, ebm-papst press office wins 'communications Oscar', ebm-papst starts factory expansion, EC technology for the medium pressure range, Fan calculates ageing based on usage conditions, Fit for retrofit.

10 April 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

Hanover Trade Fair 2014 in the hands of the new generation: 12 trainees representing the ebm-papst Group and the latest technologies and developments from the sector's leading supplier. After coming through a voluntary selection procedure, the young men and women received several days coaching in preparation for the Hannover Messe.

25 March 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

The Mostra Convegno 2014: ebm-papst shows solutions for customer applications at the trade fair for air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and heating technology. Highlights at the Mostra Convegno 2014: The innovative air inlet grille FlowGrid, the new EC centrifugal fan RadiFit and the iNR 77 gas blower system for condensing gas boilers could be seen.

18 March 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-03

ebm-papst°TV: Charge air cooling in the John Deere 5080 R. Mostra Convegno 2014 - A solution for all your building’s needs. Future-oriented business - Discover ebm-papst at the HMI 2014. A portable plate warmer. German Energy Efficiency Awards 2014. Space-saving top performance. AxiTop® diffuser for noise reduction. Outstanding Places in the Land of Ideas. Youth Research 2014.

25 February 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

Youth Research 2014; Under the motto "Make your idea reality!", 68 projects were presented by a total of 141 youngsters. Landmarks in the Land of Ideas; With the novel AxiTop diffuser for noise control, ebm-papst was awarded in the nation-wide innovation competition with "Ausgezeichneter Ort 2013/14".

20 February 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-02

ebm-papst is one of Germany's best employers. ebm-papst°TV: With energy-saving fans at the EuroShop 2014. Setting new standards in cold storage - AxiCool fans. Energy-saving fans: High efficieny and multifarious functionality. No alternative to energy-efficient fans.

04 February 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

Gather natural sunlight into the home with the SOLLEKTOR.
Extremely precise motors and drives made by ebm-papst are responsible for the rotation and inclination adjustment to produce an exact solar tracking of the SOLLEKTOR.

21 January 2014 ebm-papst newsletter 2014-01

ebm-papst investing 15 million euros in factory expansion at Mulfingen location. ebm-papst°TV: The new EMC laboratory in St. Georgen. System efficiency leads to greater effectiveness. ebm-papst wins Automotive Supply Chain Global Award. AxiTop comes in first at product awards.

13 January 2014 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

The ebm-papst Indoor Championship gives the stars of tomorrow the chance to test their skills in reduced space and the history proves that this ebm-papst Indoor Championship has been successful for one or two current pros.

12 December 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-12

ebm-papst wünscht eine schöne Weihnachtszeit. ebm-papst once again showcased a range of innovations at the SPS IPC Drives. Merry Christmas from ebm-papst.

03 December 2013 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

Under the slogan of "Expanded portfolio opens up even more possibilities" Germany's most sustainable company ebm-papst presented the latest solutions for automation tasks, including optimised drive solutions with a gearbox, motor and software-based control electronics.

19 November 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-11

ebm-papst°TV: Every Day Is A Green Day 2013. ebm-papst at the SPS IPC DRIVES in Nuremberg and with Zeitlauf the COMPAMED in Düsseldorf. Enthusiasm for EC technology. Cooking the Eco way. Another prize for the AxiTop diffuser.

05 November 2013 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

During the "Türen auf für die Maus" campaign the Mouse of the West German broadcasting station visited fan specialist ebm-papst in St. Georgen.

22 October 2013 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

50 years of ebm-papst: 500 guests from the worlds of business, industry and politics marked the occasion in the logistics hall in Hollenbach, which was converted for the event. Among the guests was a very special man: Winfried Kretschmann, Minister President of Baden-Württemberg.

15 October 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-10

ebm-papst°TV: New logistics centre in Landshut. The FlowGrid air-inlet grille from ebm-papst. The ultra-modern Grand Theatre in Jinan in China. Full LED headlights would not be possible without integrated active fan cooling systems. 50 years of ebm-papst – Fan specialist reports strong growth in time for anniversary celebrations.

30 September 2013 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

Around 3,500 people are participating in the ebm-papst run day in a range of disciplines. Two of them prepared for the 10 km run: Ingo, who is from the area and is taking on the 10 km run for the first time, and Daniel, who was world champion in 2007 in short-distance triathlon.

18 September 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-09

ebm-papst°TV: World premiere and new technology at IAA 2013! Versatile gas system. ebm-papst again nominated for German Sustainability Award. ebm-papst among prize winners with AxiTop®. Rugged drive motors that work in transmission oil. Thermal management for LED car headlights. Car seats with integrated fans. 18th ebm-papst Marathon. Training begins. ebm-papst donates more than €100,000 for flood victims.

03 September 2013 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst°TV was in Melbourne and shows a little tour about ebm-papst in Australia and New Zealand. Please enjoy!

20 August 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-08

ebm-papst°TV: mowing the lawn without being there yourself. Fans with a wear-free run-down brake. Federal Minister Philipp Rösler visits ebm-papst. Groundbreaking ceremony for modern test centre in St. Georgen. New ebm-papst Corporate Film.

06 August 2013 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

Minister Philipp Rösler comes to visit ebm-papst. It was the first time that a Minister for the Economy and Technology had paid a visit to the successful company ebm-papst.

Green IT – Efficient cooling of processing centres with CyberCool 2 by Stulz. Fans as an ecological trendsetter - that is one way of describing the role that GreenTech EC fans play in the cooling of processing centres. The buzzword is Green IT!

16 July 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-07

ebm-papst°TV: Large crowds join in the fun at Family Day. AxiTop – Less noise and more efficiency. ebm-papst again present at Enviromental Technology Prize. ebm-papst reaches "TOP 100". ebm-papst has been crowned "Supplier of the Year" by Wolf GmbH. Employee magazine wir° receives Gold Award in Berlin.

02 July 2013 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

Fifth ebm-papst innovation forum

"Creating efficiency – shaping the future". Held under this motto ebm-papst hosted the innovation forum in Mulfingen for the fifth time. For ebm-papst, it was an important opportunity to showcase its ability to solve problems.

19 June 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-06

ebm-papst°TV: Second GreenDay round, Special LED lamps, Fifth ebm-papst innovation forum, ebm-papst positioned for further growth in its 50th anniversary year.

11 June 2013 ebm-papst°TV newsletter

ebm-papst - Annual Press Conference 2013

Rainer Hundsdörfer, Chairman of Board of Directors of the ebm-papst Group, reports about the past fiscal year and gives an outlook on the coming year.

28 May 2013 ebm-papst newsletter mag°TV

Alteration of the aerodynamic attachment parts.
What energy efficiency must be declared and who is responsible if a different inlet nozzle is fitted to the fan?
Geoff Lockwood, Chairman of the Fans Working Group at EVIA, is answering this question.

15 May 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-05

mag°TV Newsflash: One year "Every day is a GreenDay". Thermofin converted its insulating coolers for fitting a more energy-saving fan. About the difference between a guest and a satisfied guest. Minister of Economic Affairs Nils Schmid visits the ebm-papst location in Herbolzhei. ebm-papst wins triple accolade at GWA Profi Awards 2013. Rainer Hundsdörfer promoted the improvement of traffic routes in rural regions at the "Strength for the countryside" event.

30 April 2013 ebm-papst newsletter mag°TV

The jury voted ebm-papst the winner in the categories “Consistency and Consequence” and “Sustainability”. Company founder Gerhard Sturm was also honoured for his contribution with the inaugural “B-to-B Marketer of the Year” award.

18 April 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-04

Distinguished guests visit ebm-papst at the Hanover Trade Fair 2013 - The AxiTop® at Hermes Award - DV 6300 is 2013 Product of the Year. The RadiPac, "The result is what matters" – Experience added value - New catalogue "Condensing boiler technology" issue 2013-03.

16 April 2013 ebm-papst newsletter mag°TV

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the ebm-papst trade fair stand at the Hanover Trade Fair.

09 April 2013 ebm-papst newsletter mag°TV

ebm-papst presented new products and services for air-conditioning at the world's leading trade fair ISH: The highlights were RadiPac and RadiCal.

02 April 2013 ebm-papst newsletter mag°TV

ebm-papst presented many innovations for gas-condensing technology and convinced as system provider on gas-air combustion in pneumatic and electronic contexts.

26 March 2013 ebm-papst newsletter mag°TV

ebm-papst presented innovations for heating and air conditioning technology on the ISH in Frankfurt, the world's leading trade fair for building, energy and air-conditioning technology, and for renewable energies as well.

14 March 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-03

The standard: RadiCal - System solution in condensing boiler technology - Centrifugal fans in cube design - EC blower for fan coils - ebm-papst involved in small business initiative "Energy Turnaround" - German Federal Minister for the Environment Altmaier greets the ebm-papst energy scouts

19 February 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-02

mag°TV Newsflash February 2013: RadiPac - Innovations for the ISH trade fair: News from the world market leader - Prize-winning low-energy housing complex - One world, many climate zones, one fan - Technology on top: Record number of registrations at "Youth Research" 2013

16 January 2013 ebm-papst newsletter 2013-01

mag°TV Newsflash December 2012: The new ebm-papst app - Ice-Cold Savings - A new class of spreaders - "Energy Scouts" honoured in Stuttgart

12 December 2012 ebm-papst newsletter 2012-12

The new ebm-papst app is available right now! - ebm-papst acquires gearbox specialist - mag°TV Magazine November 2012: All about ebm-papst - ebm-papst honoured at German Sustainability Awards - ebm-papst opens development centre in China – 5 million euro investment - Green goes around the world - ebm-papst campaign "Every day is a GreenDay" now running for half a year

14 November 2012 ebm-papst newsletter 2012-11

ebm-papst gets gold and silver at the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Awards - DEKRA award - High-performance compact fan with great efficiency - Diagonal compact fans for high pressure and low operating noise - ebm-papst presents new products at electronica 2012 - ebm-papst presents new products at electronica 2012

11 October 2012 ebm-papst newsletter 2012-10

Award-winning AxiTop diffuser - mag°TV Newsflash September 2012 - ebm-papst nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2012 - Large axial fan with Ex protection for condensers in supermarkets - ATEX certification for proven energy-saving fan - Plug-and-play solution for large cooling tasks - Axial fans for evaporator applications - Significant lower noise level

13 September 2012 ebm-papst newsletter 2012-09

Product highlights at the Chillventa 2012 - Intelligent EC tangential blowers for ventilation technology - Centrifugal compact fan for NoFrost system means no need for manual defrosting -Records at the 17th ebm-papst Marathon 2012 - Energy-efficient fans set new benchmarks in rail technology - New double centrifugal blowers: Compact and high-performance for commercial vehicle airconditioning

15 August 2012 ebm-papst newsletter 2012-08

From Lower Saxony to Nanhui - Centrifugal compact fan for NoFrost system means no need for manual defrosting - Welcome to the 17th ebm-papst marathon - ebm-papst cracks down on intellectual property theft in China - Federal Minister of the Environment visits ebm-papst St. Georgen

11 July 2012 ebm-papst newsletter 2012-07

ebm-papst shows increase in turnover - "AC2EC" Replacement made easy - Change of management at ebm-papst - mag°TV Newsflash July 2012: 70 years of ebm-papst in St. Georgen - ebm-papst turns the first spadeful of earth for the construction of a new logistics center