ebm-papst wins German Sustainability Award

The Award is endorsed by the German Federal Government, the National Council for Sustainable Development, numerous scientific organizations and associations, among others UNESCO and UNICEF. It was established in 2008 to encourage the acceptance of social and ecological responsibility and to identify role models in this area. Honorees include companies, cities and individuals instrumental in promoting the idea of a sustainable society.

ebm-papst is Germany's most sustainable company

The decisive factor for the jury was the convincing corporate GreenTech strategy which ebm-papst implemented to see sustainability as top priority in their products, their production and in processes and which is also successfully used as competitive advantage to help maintain and boost the position as market leader.

The German Sustainability Award.

The special "Resource Efficiency" award

The special award honours exemplary business commitment to recycling and the management of raw materials and resources. It aims to publicise model and best-practice strategies and solutions in an important area of sustainable development. The award is intended to raise interest in issues surrounding recycling, whilst also emphasising the importance of resource efficiency and the environmental economy.


More about ...

GreenTech – A symbol that defines standards.

The GreenTech idea reflects a simple but clear philosophy that goes back to our company principle: "Each new product that we develop has to be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology."

Our ebm-papst trainee project "Energy scouts".

Our objective was to sustainably train ecological awareness, responsible use of energy and maximum energy efficiency as constant focus of attention with our trainees. The idea was to not only get the topic of environmental protection introduced to the trainees directly involved with the project, but to rather have all trainees profit from this approach, as experience shows that trainee projects are intensively discussed among trainees.

Every Day Is A Green Day – Our green ideas.

Here you enter our blog with current information about our new global GreenDay campaign.

Every Day Is A Green Day review.

The international effort across all of ebm-papst's global branches. This year's campaign started on 5 June to coincide with the United Nations' World Environment Day. Once more Employees take part to work towards a green future and show what they do every day to help the environment.

ebm-papst is a member of "Klimaschutz-Unternehmen".

The companies organised as “Klimaschutz-Unternehmen” (climate protection companies) have committed themselves on a voluntary basis to achieve measurable and ambitious targets in terms of climate protection and energy efficiency, and they already have exceptional and outstanding performance in operational energy efficiency to show with their products, services and in their production.