Economic peak performance

Our customers profit from this every day.

Why not only engineers, but also controllers look for this sign…

The economic and ecological success of the finished product – whether in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology, in the automotive sector, in heating or building systems – is always at the forefront for our customers. This is also true for us! Because our development of fans, blowers and drive solutions employed in the widest range of applications is always marked by maximum cost-effectiveness: cost efficiency is the goal, energy efficiency is one of the most direct routes to reach it!

Scientific studies show that the largest savings potentials for electrical energy lie in the field of electrical drives – as the heart of our blower and fans. This is why not only engineers, but also controllers look for this sign:
GreenTech EC technology from ebm-papst! EC stands for electronically commutated – and, with an average energy saving of 30%, for an economic excellence whose development was significantly determined and driven forward by us. Other ebm-papst developments – such as with AC products – are also impressive in total through an overall cost-effectiveness which is without parallel. And with which our customers satisfy the multiple requirements placed by their markets, customers and by society.