Ecological responsibility

Energy-saving motors and fans

Whoever wants to move much in the world, has to move the world.

As a manufacturer of high-quality industrial products with global operations we feel ourselves obligated to our world – in other words our environment – to a special degree. Our corporate policy does not regard cost-effectiveness and environmental protection as being a contradiction, rather as always being an inseparable unit. And we therefore do not permit any compromises when we fulfil and even exceed the requirements set in all applicable standards.

To develop the energy-efficient GreenTech EC technology and to perfect it even further was one of our most important challenges in this respect … and it commenced as long ago as in 1961. Today, ebm-papst delivers EC technology to those experiencing it for the first time and to those converting from AC to EC thanks to the far-reaching potentials opened up by impressive arguments:
if solely the European industrial sector were to switch over to GreenTech EC fans for ventilation, cooling and air-conditioning, approximately 30% of energy costs could be saved and therefore four coal-fired power stations could be shut down! Annual CO2 emissions would reduce by approximately 16 million tons.

And whatever is true for our products applies equally to their manufacture. ebm-papst is considered to be a role model for recycling and waste avoidance as well as for the continuous reduction of emissions, the usage of environmentally compatible materials in production and the lowering of the energy consumption.