Our core competencies

S-Force axial compact fan

Motor technology, electronics, aerodynamics: our lead lies in the perfect interplay.

Leading technologies, groundbreaking application solutions, innovative products – all of these would not be possible if things were not seen as a whole: aerodynamic interrelationships and therefore the perfect interplay of motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics. Our three core competencies are merged directly to each other in our products. Because the objective is always to utilise air and movement with maximum efficiency; regardless of whether in the smallest space, in large dimensions or under
extreme ambient conditions. This is the only way that high-quality final products are then produced with the same consistency by our customers; whether barely perceivable climate control systems, high-precision electronic cooling or high-performance, energy-efficient heating systems.

In order to achieve an aerodynamically optimum shape for our fans, we design fan blades, impellers and ducted housings to match the relevant application environment. From seemingly small details, such as the bladetip slip with winglets, result significant optimisations for noise reduction with even higher efficiencies. And when they are combined with intelligent electronics, the drive engineering and aerodynamics then operate as a system solution optimally matched to each other. The perfect interplay thus arises: our lead in global competition.