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The drive solutions from ebm-papst for SIMATIC drive controllers from Siemens combine network capability with functional safety. For you, this means: an additional plus in simplicity and reliability. Also in this cooperation.

Facts and figures

ECI motor with iQ encoder technology:

  • Robust drive, suitable for industry use
  • Three-phase, electronically commutated internal rotor
  • Integrated magnetic incremental encoder

  • Patented EDS data transfer via signal wires
  • Can be combined with planetary gears
  • Integrated brake optional


  • The system components are flexible and can be combined
  • PROFINET IRT (1 ms)
  • Integrated safety: STO, SS1, SLT, SLS, SBC, SSM via PROFIsafe

  • TIA portal integration
  • A cable to the motor
  • Integrated EMC filter C1
  • 24-48 V: 50-1,000 kW


System overview

SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE is the new servo drive system for the extra-low voltage range. Composed of the PDC (Profidrive Control) servo controller, and motors and cables that can be used flexibly. ebm-papst offers motors (50-750 watts) for this purpose as part of a product partner program; they come in various sizes and with a range of transmissions. 

ebm-papst drive solutions for SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE regulators from Siemens

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Catalog with details on the

  • Characteristic curve map
  • Dimensions
  • Performance data 

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Individual drive solutions for SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE from Siemens in 48 hours - orders of at least 1 unit

Industrial drive technology

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