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Making Engineers Happy

You can look forward to intelligent software solutions from a single supplier

What makes heating technology engineers happy? Being able to get their innovative, reliable and energy-efficient products onto the market quickly. GreenIntelligence offers them system solutions with smart networking capabilities that can be used to schedule service assignments according to their need and that allow maximum data security. The innovative platform principle also reduces variances and saves significant time and money during development.

Take your applications to a new level with GreenIntelligence, and make yourself and your customers happy!


Your needs – our solution

There are wide-ranging requirements in heating technology:

  • Fast installation and simple commissioning of the gas-air composite system
  • Efficient, demand-based operation of the heating system
  • Cost optimization, less redundancy during development processes


Luckily, GreenIntelligence has an answer for everything:

  • Standard bus interfaces for networking in the heater and automatic adaptation to the application
  • An optimal gas-air mixture is ensured by a perfectly coordinated system solution with integrated sensors and control technology
  • Modular platforms and intelligent parameterization reduce variance

Our heating technology highlights

Intelligent heating – by linking two energy sources
  • Perfect use of gas and electricity
  • The most cost-effective combination is automatically selected
  • Considerably lower CO2 emissions thanks to renewable electricity
  • A high level of comfort without an additional hot water tank
  • Optimum energy utilization thanks to ebm-papst components


ebm‑papst CEO Stefan Brandl on GreenIntelligence

"Digital products solve problems
that analog products can’t"

With its GreenIntelligence label, ebm-papst is setting an example in digitalization. Thomas Sauer, Group Director for Digitalization and Electronics, explains the idea behind it and what customers can expect.

We’ll be glad to make you happy too!

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