Our Highlight in Nuremberg:
Seeing You!

A warm invitation to SPS
November 8 to 10, 2022, live in Nuremberg // Hall 1, Stand 1-324

We are finally allowed to meet face to face again: at the SPS in Nuremberg. And if we are honest, seeing you again is our own personal highlight! 

But we are also proud of our benchmarks and intelligently networked solutions that we will be able to show you. After all, this enables us to make everyday life easier and better for you and your customers. 

One example is the powerful RadiPac product range in various sizes, another is our modular drive system that will make it easier and quicker to configure and plan your projects in your day-to-day operations. By adding the K5 EtherCAT electronics module, we have enabled our drives to be integrated into networks with one of the fastest industrial Ethernet technologies. 

You see, it is worth it! You can find out some preliminary information here in our invitation. Find out more live at SPS in Nuremberg.

We look forward to meeting you! 

Visit us from November 8 to 11 in Nuremberg.

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The RadiPac product range: 
proven strengths and new sizes. 

We have been consistently developing our RadiPac product range for many years – both in terms of aerodynamics and EC motor technology. This enables us to always meet the constantly increasing demands on ventilation and air conditioning devices.

So it is no surprise that the RadiPac product range is not only powerful but also particularly energy efficient, quiet, compact and intelligent. It has also recently become available in sizes 630 and 710 mm for even larger air volumes. No matter how you look at it: It is the benchmark. 

Your route to fast communication: 
Decentralized drive with EtherCAT interface. 

The EtherCAT interface provides drives with real-time capability. By doing this, it combines the benefits of Ethernet with the simplicity of classic fieldbus systems. Of course, we have integrated this technology into our tried-and-tested ECI-63 internal rotor motors from our modular drive system. 

This enables operation as an NC axis in EtherCAT networks. The decentralized storage of numerous fixed and freely programmable functions in the drive allows independent processing of program sequences, regardless of the higher-level control system. Functional safety can optionally be implemented directly in the drive. The STO (Safe Torque Off) function interrupts the power supply immediately in the event of a safety-relevant fault and the drive is shut down. 

Easier handling, increased safety, and intelligent technologies – or, in short: Engineering a better life. 

A power that can hardly be restrained: DiaForce

The DiaForce diagonal compact fans for cooling electronics impress with 50% more power, up to 6 dB(A) less noise and compactness. After all, thanks to their unique fan and housing geometry, air flows through in both an axial and a radial direction. 

Learn more about our highlights at SPS 2021

New EC centrifugal fan for greater power and efficiency

Ventilation and air-conditioning fans are constantly being refined, as users' requirements are increasing rapidly – especially when it comes to control options and energy efficiency. Legal requirements, increasing environmental awareness, and potential savings when it comes to operating costs are all playing a role in this trend. Centrifugal fans from ebm‑papst set new standards here: Thanks to aerodynamic optimizations, innovative materials, sophisticated design details, and highly efficient EC motors with intelligent control electronics, they not only deliver significantly more air performance than before, but they are also particularly quiet and efficient. This is advantageous for both ventilation and air-conditioning technology, as well as industrial applications.

Force that can hardly be restrained.

The new DiaForce has a conical cover plate that rotates with it. The outlet opening is larger than the intake opening. The air flows through the fan in both an axial and a radial direction, enabling a high pressure increase. However, it retains an axial design, which is more favorable to install, combining the advantages of both worlds perfectly.

Driving-Steering-Unit ArgoDrive for proven dimensions.

Among other things, requirements for drive technology depend greatly on the weight of the goods to be transported. This is why the modular system of the ArgoDrive is available in three application and performance classes with corresponding impeller diameters. If several Driving-Steering-Units are combined, overall vehicle weights up to two tons are possible. For example, is as much as a fully loaded Euro pallet or a mid-sized car.

Modular drive systems with many functions
EtherCAT for intelligent EC drives

EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is considered the “Ethernet field bus” because it combines the benefits of Ethernet with the simplicity of classic fieldbus systems and avoids the complexity of IT technologies. In industrial automation, such as intralogistics, the protocol is therefore very popular: it is probably one of the fastest industrial Ethernet technologies. Alongside its real-time capability, it has high synchronization accuracy to a magnitude of nanoseconds. Decentralized, intelligent drives can benefit from this, especially when several axes need to be synchronized. This is why the proven ECI-63 internal rotor motors from the ebm‑papst modular drive system will soon also be available with an EtherCAT interface.


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