EC axial fan - HyBlade

Motor: M3G112-GA

Technical description
Mass 9.8 kg
Size 630 mm
Surface of rotor Coated in black
Material of electronics housing Die-cast aluminium, coated in black
Material of blades Press-fitted sheet steel blank, sprayed with PP plastic
Number of blades 5
Blade angle -5°
Direction of air flow "V"
Direction of rotation Counter-clockwise, seen on rotor
Type of protection IP 54
Insulation class "B"
Humidity (F)/environmental protection class (H) F4-1
Max. permissible ambient motor temp. (transp./ storage) +80 °C
Min. permissible ambient motor temp. (transp./storage) -40 °C
Mounting position Shaft horizontal or rotor on bottom; rotor on top on request
Condensate discharge holes Rotor-side
Cooling bore / aperture On rotor sides
Operation mode S1
Motor bearing Ball bearing
Technical features - Output 10 VDC, max. 10 mA - Alarm relay - Motor current limit - PFC, active - Soft start - Control input 0-10 VDC Control interface with SELV potential safely disconnected from the mains - Over-temperature protected electronics / motor - Line undervoltage / phase failure detection
EMC interference immunity Acc. to EN 61000-6-2 (industrial environment)
EMC harmonics Acc. to EN 61000-3-2/3
EMC interference emission Acc. to EN 61000-6-4 (industrial environment)
Touch current acc. IEC 60990 (measuring network Fig. 4, TN system) <= 3,5 mA
Motor protection Thermal overload protector (TOP) wired internally
Cable exit Variable
Protection class I (if protective earth is connected by customer)
Product conforming to standard EN 61800-5-1 / CE
Approval EAC / CCC