Ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology

Including components for ventilation technology, air-conditioning units, home and building ventilation, single pipe ventilation, humidifiers and air heaters, beverage dispensers, refrigerated cases and clean room technology.

The fine art of moving air

ebm-papst fans and blowers in façade air-conditioning systems.
ebm-papst fans and blowers in façade air-conditioning systems.

ebm-papst is passionate about ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration technology. Without a doubt, this area has been close to our hearts for four decades - after all, it has traditionally been a central focus of the range of services we provide. We have set worldwide standards in this area as the leading experts in moving air and with our external rotor motor: in quality, technology, innovation and, no less importantly, in the reliability of our products.

Our motors and fans have a wide range of applications in ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems. As the manufacturer of the real heart of a system - the fan unit - our customers demand nothing less from us than continuous progress and innovation.

In response, we have continuously set new standards, particularly in increasing the service life of ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems, reducing their energy consumption, developing absolutely low-noise fans, and taking advantage of all the possibilities of modern integrated electronics.

For example, the Post Tower in Bonn, Germany

The task
In the 535-foot-tall Post Tower, the tallest office building in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, a ventilation concept was required which would provide an ideal combination of solutions for energy savings, flexibility of use, and workplace comfort.

Intelligent GreenTech EC technology provides for cool heads in the Post Tower.
Intelligent GreenTech EC technology provides for cool heads in the Post Tower.

The solution
This requirement was met by using decentralized FSL floor units that take in external air from the space between building and facade, condition it, and feed it to the room. The key to these FSL floor units is the innovative combination of GreenTech EC centrifugal fan, filter, trap flap, heat exchanger, and electric cables, including the distributor box. Intelligent GreenTech EC technology at the highest level.

The result
Workplaces that are individually supplied with fresh air and in which ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning can be individually controlled. With a single device! It is only natural that this device should set new standards for low maintenance, energy consumption, noise and service life. After all, we ourselves demand nothing less of our solutions.